At-Home Post-Operative Neuro Care Program

Brain and Spine surgery is a major intervention and needs extreme care. Medical rehabilitation plays an important role in maximizing the treatment benefits and restoring your ability to get back to the activities you enjoy. At Argala, we have taken utmost care to design a comprehensive rehab program that focuses on individual medical needs, directly under the supervision of the treating surgeon. Our programs are customized as per the patient's medical requirement, which is determined after a detailed at-home assessment of the patient by our doctor.

  • Daily visit by a qualified doctor during the program period.
  • Virtual rounds with the treating surgeon, along with the entire team of medical professionals on site, during the program period.
  • Focused rehab by a specialist to achieve maximum clinical outcomes, without medical complications, within the program period.
  • Zero DVT.
  • Occupational assessment of the home environment by experts and facilitation of required accessories to help the patient avoid unexpected accidents, and create a supportive environment.
  • 24/7 telemonitoring on all vitals by the medical team during the program period
  • Supply of medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • Wound care management by medical professionals .
  • Pain management.
  • Nutritionist support for overall wellbeing.
  • Super Specialist consultations for any co-morbidity conditions.
  • Unlimited doctor advice on phone during the program.
  • Nutritionist support for overall wellbeing
  • Shifting the patient to the treating hospital in case of emergency.

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