At Home Post Hospital Discharge Care Program

After a hospital discharge, adapting to the informal home environment after the structured care of a hospital is not easy for a patient. The family too finds it stressful to match the professional care of the hospital in the immediate aftermath of discharge. Also, following acute care hospitalization, a discharged patient carries the risk of medical errors and adverse events due to the possibility of either fragmented communication or comprehension by the patient's family, during the handoff from the hospital. .

  • Home visit by a Physician-led care team along with a Rehab Specialist, and assured availability of care team comprising Single point-of-contact Care Manager, Physiotherapist, Nurse Assistant and treating Physician.
  • Virtual rounds with the discharging Physician / Specialist during our physician's at-home visit, to review the patient's medical treatment.
  • Ensure patient's compliance to a new medication and care regimen.
  • Doctor on call 24/7.
  • Required investigations through home sample collection, along with review of the reports, and informing the primary consultant about the same.
  • Preventing of readmission as far as possible.
  • Occupational assessment of the home environment by experts and facilitation of the required accessories to help the patient avoid unexpected accidents, and to help create a pain-free environment.
  • Specialist/ Super-specialist virtual consultation for comorbidity condition as suggested by primary consultant
  • Help the patient cope with altered mobility, or other physical challenges, with expert physiotherapy and rehab.

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