At Home Cardiac Care Program

Argala’s Cardiac Care Program is designed for optimum post-operative care at home with the support of cardiac specialists. We are here to live-in with you till you heal, and assure you maximum flexibility and mobility with our program. When it's about your heart, we would not let you skip a beat. Argala's Cardiac Care Program covers all PTCA (Angioplasty) and CABG (Bypass Surgery) cases.

  • Daily home visit by doctor
  • Virtual rounds with the treating Cardiologist, along with the entire team of medical professionals on site, during the program period.
  • Focused rehab by a Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist to achieve maximum clinical outcomes.
  • Occupational assessment of the home environment by experts and facilitation of required accessories to help the patient avoid unexpected accidents, and to help create a pain-free environment.
  • 24/7 telemonitoring on all vitals by the medical team during the program period.
  • Nutritionist support for overall wellbeing.
  • Super Specialist consultations for any co-morbidity conditions.
  • Unlimited doctor advice on phone during the program.
  • Supply of medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • Regular updates to family
  • Wound Care management by medical professionals.
  • Required investigations, daily ECG, one echocardiogram screening at home, and review by the treating Cardiologist daily during the program.

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