Give your parents
the gift of exceptional care

with Argala's doctor-led parental care program

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What is Argala’s doctor-led parental care program?

Argala offers a doctor-led parental care program that is specifically designed to deliver focused care, enabling your elderly parents to receive top-quality healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. This program is beneficial because it allows them to maintain their independence while having access to medical professionals whenever required. Moreover, the program's focus on providing healthcare services within a known environment can help decrease the stress and anxiety often associated with adapting to new living arrangements.

Argala Advantages

At-home focused parental care programs

We provide at-home parental care programs to support seniors' physical and emotional health while retaining their independence. Our complete wellness care with a family physician concept includes elder-friendly and sustainable in-person consultations.

Doctor/physician-led care program rather than nursing care

Argala is not a nursing home. Instead, we offer specialised care provided by qualified doctors and physicians who diagnose ailments and create personalised treatment programs for each patient's unique needs.

Qualified, trained and professional doctors/staff with empathy and compassion

Our staff at Argala is both academically qualified and highly compassionate, recognising the importance of empathy in providing care that makes our patients and their families comfortable and at ease.

Our Services

Post-operative Ortho care

Post-operative Cardiac care

Post-operative Neuro Care

Post-hospital Discharge care

Parental Health Program

Our Comprehensive Care Includes

Doctor-led parental care program
At-home focussed rather than virtual
Highly trained & qualified family medicine doctors/ personnel
At-home, in-person consultations & personalised care programs
telemonitoring of vitals & doctor availability
At-home physiotherapy sessions
Virtual consultation with specialists & superspecialists
Home sample collection for diagnostics
Home delivery of medicines
Periodic updates on health progress to family